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Making the
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Simply Sourcing Comparators

Robust and reliable

At Pilatus, we recognise that the best supply chains are the ones that no-one talks about.

We take pride in our transparent and reliable services that keep clinical trial supplies off the critical path and out of the spotlight.

We’ll take care of your sourcing requirements so that study teams can remain focused on patient recruitment and bring life changing treatments to market.

Power in procurement

In a complex and competitive market place, procurement scale matters.

We offer a unique blend of small company flexibility and speed, backed with the large scale buying power of the Orifarm Group.

With over €1.1B of European product sold in 2020 and over 4,000 unique product lines purchased, providing you access to unparalleled “out of market” and manufacturer direct buying capability and power.

Enquiries and orders

To learn more about how we can support your clinical supply chain or to make a specific product enquiry call our team on: